• Golddachs Beard Scissor

Golddachs Beard Scissor

A beard scissor for old dudes and young blokes.
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The Golddachs Beard Scissors is here for both old dudes and young blokes. With a strong and tough look this is the perfect tool to maintain moustache and beard.

For old an young

The beard scissors from Golddachs is equipped with micro serration which gives you an optimal grip on your beard hairs during your styling process. Next to daily care and styling of the beard, you have to take action to keep it all nicely groomed. Regular trimming makes sure that the weak and pedantic beard hairs don’t get the upperhand. This beard scissors is an indispensable element in your assortment for the best beard care. And Golddachs really understands that necessity!

Golddachs Beard Scissor is all you need
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