• Prospector Co. Compressed Towels 6 pack

Prospector Co. Compressed Towels 6 pack

The Prospector Co. Compressed Towels 6 Pack are awesome. Towels compressed in tablets form the perfect handy accessory for every explorer or adventurer.
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Prospector Co. Compressed towel tablets. Yep, read that again. That’s right! Compressed towels, six of them, in a tiny jar. The towels are packed in the form of tablets. These incredible cotton fibers in the compressed tablets expand once they come into contact with water. Each of these tablets expands into a towel of 45 x 15 centimeters (18” x 6”).

Ideal for travel

When we travel, packing a towel can be a complete nightmare. They take up a lot of space and wherever you’re traveling, there most likely aren’t any towels. This way you can instantly pack six towels in a compact, smart and intuitive way and when you need a towel. You can magically make one appear the way only a real man could; in complete style. 

Prospector Co. Compressed Towels 6 Pack changes your life. Order now

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